Purpose Statement

Teen girls gossipA vast number of teens are making the decision to become involved in the area of high-risk behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and sex. This is often encouraged through peer pressure and the culture. Often, teens make these decisions without considering the consequences. Therefore, it is vital that teenagers be educated on the risks involved and understand the lifelong impact of their choices.

It is the goal of Relate For Life to equip, empower, and engage teens & young adults, parents, educators and the community on issues related to teens and adolescent health with respect to relationships by:

  • Providing curricula and classroom presentations that discuss these issues and their associated risks in addition to empowering teens to make healthy choices by making them aware of what healthy relationships look like.
  • Providing class and school-wide assemblies that reinforce the message of Relate For Life.
  • Providing parent education that informs parents on the pressures teens face and the choices they are making. Our goal is to provide information that will help improve parent and teen communication and to equip parents with tools to assist in addressing these issues.
  • Working with local community groups in providing the best support and education we can to encourage healthy decision making skills for teens.
  • The Relate For Life team overseeing the programs is largely volunteer led. Our trained volunteer speakers complete an extensive training curriculum that prepares them to present the Relate For Life message.

For more information or questions contact Randy Mewhirter at 559-259-1697 or email.

Relate For Life, Inc. is a 501-c-3 non-profit public benefit corporation.